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Fleet Asset Management

We provide you with a dedicated account manager to help support your business and provide you with the information you need, when you need it.

You’ll receive access to a secure portal where all your compliance documents are hosted, so you will always have access to the right paperwork at the right time.

We invested in a bespoke fleet management system so we can provide you with actionable business intelligence that will improve your operational efficiency and reduce your costs.


Fleet management services

Fleet-Serv can manage every aspect of your fleet including:

This enables you to focus on your core business objectives while Fleet-Serv takes care of the fleet.



Our attitude allows you the freedom to focus on the business, while we deal with the fleet. Speak to one of the team today and find out how our bespoke, industry-leading fleet management services could help your business drive growth and reduce costs.

Vehicle and Legal Documentation Management

Fleet-Serv provide a dedicated compliance portal for all our customers so you can access all your documents when you need them. Organised by fleet number and document type, our secure platform puts your fleet data a mouse-click away. We understand that it’s not convenient to rummage through box-files or filing cabinets – it’s why we decided to do the hard work for you.

MOT Preparation and Planning

We understand that you’ve got a business to run, but it’s a legal requirement to submit your trailers for an annual MOT. Effective planning will ensure your operation runs smoothly and help you avoid unnecessary downtime, while you ensure your compliance with DVSA regulations.

Maintenance Planning and Tracking

One of our core services is the repair and maintenance of commercial vehicles, vans, semi-trailers and hydraulic lifting decks with tail-lifts. If you opted for our Trailer-Eye product, the traffic light maintenance module will give you a weekly, monthly or yearly overview of the maintenance schedule for any tracked assets. This allows you to take a proactive, rather than reactive approach to maintenance planning.

Tracking Equipment Movement and Downtime

Using our Trailer-Eye Tracking Solution gives you tonnes of actionable data about the utilisation of the assets in your fleet. Whether you need to track movement, downtime, repairs, or location, Trailer-Eye will help improve your efficiency and minimise downtime.

Supply Chain Consolidation

In today’s market, many operators are using a variety of repair and maintenance businesses in the maintenance of their fleets. The tasks of controlling all subcontractors, ensuring their compliance with HSE requirements, insurance and repair standards are time consuming and charges for repairs are unpredictable. Fleet-Serv have the experience and expertise within our operations to manage your network of repairers, controlling costs, identifying actionable business intelligence from multiple sources and integrating with our Quality Control framework to ensure the correct repairs are carried out to the best standard.

We offer this by default in our repair and maintenance packages but can tailor a service specific to your requirements.

Repair Centre Management

Fleet-Serv are approachable and reliable partners in managing your commercial vehicle compliance. In addition to our normal offerings of fixed price repair and maintenance on your vehicles, trailers and lifting equipment, we also offer larger scale projects where our expertise and experience provide additional benefits to our customers.

Fleet-Serv can specify, project manage, build and equip Repair Centres within your operating centres. We can also look to operate and staff appropriate premises that may already exist within your operating centres. Having on-site facilities is a decisive advantage to managing maintenance and is cited in the DVSA Guide to Maintaining Roadworthiness.

We operate all our current units as flexibly as possible, allowing our customers to benefit from the reduced costs associated with maintaining their fleets due to reduced mileage, reduced driver time and total transparency around the repairs required on their equipment.

Our customers also benefit from rebates for allowing us to work on other third-party fleet equipment, further reducing their costs.

Our proposals in the past have included green initiatives in line with our own and our customers ethical and environmental policies – such as water reclamation, solar and wind power and the use of the most environmentally friendly building materials and processes.