Trailer-Eye is a unique trailer tracking solution that provides real-time, actionable business intelligence to help improve your operation. Trailer-Eye is a discreet unit that we fit during production or retro-fit to your existing fleet with the minimum of hassle.

Fleet-Serv caters to operations of any size and can provide as much or as little integration to your existing fleet management system as you need. Our fully customisable reporting suite enables you to gather data that will improve the utilisation of your assets.

Trailer-Eye provides a host of benefits:

  • Traffic Light Maintenance Module – Assists in proactive maintenance planning to avoid vehicle shortages and downtime.
  • Trailer Movement Report – Keeps track of your trailers and their movements so you can locate unused assets.
  • Geofence - Defines boundaries around your sites, your customers’ sites and restricted areas. Real-time alerts are configured to enhance your ability to track the fleet.
  • Free API – Integrates into your existing systems for ease of use; why use two systems?

With international coverage as standard, Trailer-Eye is the ultimate trailer tracking solution.

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