Trailer Repair & Maintenance

Fleet-Serv provides bespoke trailer repair and maintenance services to match your fleet management schedule. We aim to minimise downtime and reduce costs to your business keeping you ahead of the competition.

Fleet-Serv’s recommendations for maintenance intervals are in line with the DVSA guide to maintaining roadworthiness and manufacturers’ recommendations.

You don’t organise a thing. We deal with the details and provide you with the data.

Trailer Services

Our trailer services include trailer repairs, trailer servicing & maintenance, MOT preparation, roller brake testing and trailer O-Licence safety inspections. Fleet-Serv is an accredited service provider for all the major equipment manufacturers in the UK.

Fleet-Serv invest heavily in the training and development of our mobile engineers and the staff at head office.

We offer support in maintenance planning, vehicle tracking, proactive and reactive maintenance and repairs and we provide meaningful and actionable data to support your business in the management of your fleet.

Our nationwide network of mobile engineers and service partners, along with the support of our approachable team at head office, ensure your equipment is maintained in line with the required schedule and within the minimum cost to your business.

We provide Compliance Without Compromise.

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Keep your trailer equipment compliant and roadworthy to avoid costly breakdowns and downtime.

O-Licence Safety Inspections

What is an O-Licence?

You need a goods vehicle operator's licence (O-Licence) if your business uses goods vehicles above a certain weight.

You’ll need a goods vehicle operator’s licence for a motor vehicle and trailer combination if:

a) the motor vehicle and the trailer(s) are plated and the total of their gross plated weights is more than 3,500 kg.

b) the total unladen weight of the vehicle and trailer combination is more than 1,525 kg.

All O-Licence holders are responsible for the servicing and maintenance of the trailers linked to their O-Licence.

As specialists in the field, Fleet-Serv are equipped to ensure your fleet operates within the terms of your O-Licence.

O-Licence holders are responsible for the servicing and maintenance of the trailers linked to their O-License. The DVSA carry out regular roadside vehicle checks and will prohibit or immobilise the vehicles if your assets don’t meet their standards, or you’re in breach of your licence.

You be penalised if your vehicle:

    • Is overloaded
    • Is not roadworthy
    • Breaks the rules for the safe transport of dangerous goods
    • In breach of drivers’ hours regulations

The DVSA reports all the information they gather to the independent traffic commissioners. The traffic commissioner may decide to call you to a public inquiry to consider if any action against your licence is necessary.

In the very worst case, your licence could be taken away, suspended or restricted by the traffic commissioner if you:

    • Break any of the terms or conditions of your licence
    • Do not meet health and safety conditions
    • Are convicted of certain offences
    • Are made bankrupt or (if the licence holder is a company) that company goes into liquidation, administration or receivership
    • Are given a prohibition notice by DVSA following an inspection


It is crucial you operate within the terms, conditions and boundaries of your O-Licence. Prohibition or immobilisation of an asset could mean significant downtime for you and loss of revenue for your business.

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Maintaining your fleet’s roadworthiness is crucial to delivering on time and minimising downtime. Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you ensure your fleet is in compliance with DVSA and manufacturers’ recommendations.