Complete FIX Mini System - 7 Strap

Complete FIX Mini System - 7 Strap

Product Description

Unlike other cargo securing systems, this FIX Mini 7-strap-System consists of 7 adjustable load straps that have 40mm wide taurpaulin incorporated into the strap. This allows you to better secure wider loads and helps to prevent damage to more fragile loads, due to the load being secured by a wider surface area.

Like the FIX Strap system, the FIX Mini also attaches to bungee cords, which run across rails that are secured to the vehicles ceiling. The securing straps then slide easily into the desired position over your cargo, enabling you to better secure your load and saving you plenty of time in the process.

If you are looking to become more effeciant with loading and unloading your vehicle then this 7 strap, FIX Mini installation kit would be a great way to start. FIX Strap load restraint systems are proven to save you time when loading. It also allows you to hold down a variety of loads of all different shapes and sizes with ease. All FIX Strap products conform to European standards.

This FIX Mini 7-strap installation kit is comprised of the following;

  •   6 x 2400mm Tracks
  •   1 x 1500mm Track
  • 18 x Track Mounting Brackets
  • 10 x F80 Joining Brackets
  •   7 x FIX bungee roller suspension units
  •   7 x FIX Mini 40mm x 2.8mtr cargo securing tarpaulin units.
  •   7 x 0.4mtr x 50mm ratchet tensioner ends

£1,554.00 £1,295.00